The News

The News is an interactive art experiment and is a collection of NFTs. There is no promise of value, the experiment may end at any time, and the NFTs should be thought of as a full loss of capital upon purchase.

By purchasing The News either on the primary mint or secondary market you agree to all Terms of Service

In short there is no promise of value, the NFTs may serve as a form of entertainment and there are no refunds.

Must Read before buying

The News is a social experiment, this is a short run NFT experiment that will not have any Discord or utility beyond potential entertainment/art.

Upon completion The News will have no support and no value beyond the art that you see. Additionally, the art may change from time to time in positive or negative ways during the experiment.

The News is not designed to be a long-term interactive project

The News may end at any time and likely will last somewhere between a few days and a few months. NOT YEARS

There is no promise of any value and it is best to consider all NFTs to have no value whatsoever

Updated March 12, 2023