What is Skybrook

What is Skybrook     Published January 31, 2023

  • Skybrook is a private community of top minds from around the world.


  • There are two sides to Skybrook:


    • Public side: We want to change the image of NFTs and cryptocurrency. We do this by creating top quality media and educational content. The public side increases demand for membership & builds brand awareness.  This is how the world finds out about Skybrook.   o
    • Private Side: The goal of the private side of Skybrook is to provide maximum value for our members. This will be done by leveraging the power of the group, creating friendships and building lasting bonds. This will not be open to the public.   *  This week I will open an “Asks and Offers” channel. If you are running into a challenge and you could use expert advice simply ask for help. If you have an expertise and can offer something to the group you can make an offer.
    • * Once a week I will host a private video session where I address some of the issues listed in the Asks and Offers channel. This may also include bringing in outside experts. This will help us all learn from each other, build bonds and solve problems.
    •  Exceptional experiences: Ideally a few times a year I think it would be great to do something exceptional together. This still needs to be fleshed out a bit depending on group dynamics but could be anything from a restaurant tour to exotic racecar driving in Vegas.
    • The idea behind Skybrook is to bring people together in a meaningful way to accomplish exceptional things.  


Josh Bobrowsky

Skybrook Founder & CEO


Legal disclaimer: Nothing here should be considered an offer. Everything above is subject to change  at any time for any reason. By submitting questions for the weekly Q&A you waive any and all claims against Skybrook its agents and fellow members. There is no representation or warranty of anything stated above. Experiences and in person meetups may require extra fees from members to attend events.